From Tokyo station to Toyohashi station :

Toyohashi is conveniently located on the Tokai Shinkansen line. Our city is about two and a half hours south-west of Tokyo via the Kodama Class Shinkansen train. The Kodama departs regularly from Tokyo station in route for Osaka, and stops at all stations in-between. Please note that there are two other classes of shinkansen trains: the Nozomi and the Hikari. As these trains may not stop at Toyohashi, they should be avoided.

From Nagoya airport to Toyohashi station :

Toyohashi is a quick bus ride away from Nagoya International Airport. There is also a variety of rail services between the two cities.

From Toyohashi Station to AMITA :

Our office and factory are located at 1-3 Hara-machi, a thirty minute taxi ride from Toyohashi Station's east exit. (we may arrange to have our staff meet you at Toyohashi station.)