Owner’s Message

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to our web-site.

Our company has been involved in the net making industry since 1817. We have always taken pride in our company, and continually push back the technological barriers of our industry.

Currently, we focus our activities on the manufacture and supply of net machines and auxiliary equipment. Another core of our management is the effective use of our knowledge and expertise in the wider field of the production of netting. Also we have launched into the information industry by expanding the computer technology so far used for our internal administration and technology development.

This web-site is an extension of our philosophy. Using this media we not only want to increase communication with our existing customers, but also share our knowledge with people just learning about us for the first time.

I encourage you to thoroughly explore all the information contained at this site. We have included many pieces of information, including technical data and photographs to help you better understand our company and business.

Thank you for visiting our site...enjoy.

Yoshiji Yamamoto