The Model AWD automatic bobbin winding machines have been designed to work in conjunction with our high-performance, high-speed net machines: Models MSA MSB MSC and YSA. AWD’s operate automatically at ultra-high-speeds, and as a result save both time and labor. The current models, now in their third generation, are a blend of the basic design found in our first automatic winders (1983) and the technological advancements that have taken place in the past several years. When combined with net machines employing the whole-lot bobbin change system, net production is maximized.

Control panel.

Controls for the Model AWD are centrally located and logically laid out.

The function of these winders is precise, yet operation is simple enough for people with little experience. Weft bobbins, still inside their shuttles, are placed in the winder’s loading platform. Tie-in knots are then automatically formed by the machine’s knotter, which ties the knots of the same strength and quality as that by a human hand. Bobbin winding proceeds automatically without any attendance

Winding process.

Bobbin faces are pressed by a pneumatic force during the entire winding process.


  • High-speed bobbin loading: up to 1,000 meters per minute with easily-adjustable, stepless speed control.
  • Auto-stop for “full bobbin” assures uniform tension loading from bobbin to bobbin.
  • Bobbin faces are pressed by a pneumatic force during the entire winding process; eliminating bobbin opening and greatly reducing inadmissible winding.
  • Automatic “main-power cut-off” provides added safety during unattended operation.
  • Revolutionary design saves space, and allows for the continual loading of bobbins retained in shuttles.
  • “Knotter” ties a double-knot to join the remaining twine with the fresh feed twine.


We continuously pursue the ideal of best technology and service, and seek to provide new value while unlocking the unlimited potential of net machine for customers.



AMITA has been involved in the net making industry since 1817. Past Models are showed here.