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Main Future

  • Cope with small mesh size “5 mm” with fine nylon multi such as 110d/2~210d/9(Optional 210d/9) in quality netting
  • Employ 185 mm bobbin dia-twine loading capacity: 32g/bobbin
  • Plate type Upper Hook single-knot net machine
  • Maximum speed: up to 28 rpm
  • High percentage of interchangeable parts between difference type of machines
  • High rigidity and long durability
  • High speed and stability of machine with high quality
  • User friendly and easy handling
  • The gauges have a scale for easy adjusting
  • Labor saving whole-lot bobbin change(Option)
  • High efficiency due to sable M/C condition and high loading capacity of bobbins

Designing Concept

When using machine especially for fine nylon multi. Single knot netting, the type of machines that have been used to have a very small bobbin dia and low RPM speed. That machine is based on old concept. To renovate these points, new Single-knot net machine of MSE6-60S(6mm pitch x 604 shuttles, 185mm bobbin dia., up to RPM 28) was developed under the concept of High Reputed Model MSB.


Most innovated point is that Model MSE6-60S can knit “210d/9 with 600md, minimum mesh size of 5 mm” as optional. Usually, 210d/9 twine is knitted in 9mm pitch machine with 500md in maximum depth.(See following comparison)

By utilizing optional equipment knitting up to 210d/9

  • MSE6-60S(604 shuttles): Twine range:110d/2-210/9 Min. Mesh size: 5mm.
  • MSB7-60(612 shuttles): Twine range:110d/2-210/6 Min. Mesh size: 5.5mm.
  • MSB9-50(512 shuttles): Twine range:210d/3-210/18 Min. Mesh size: 7.5mm.

[MSB7-60 and MSB9-50 can knit the both double and single knot net]


Plate Type Upper Hook

Upper Hook Plate type

Single Plate Type


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