Local Assembling

Benefit of Local Assembling


When we use the term of Local Assembling we are referring to when we ship the complete kit of the net machine to the customer’s factory, and the customer’s technician’s and workers assemble the machine according to our highly skilled technician’s direct expert guidance. Therefore, your technicians get the hands on experience and ability required so that the Local Assembling Net Machines can be customized and specially adjusted and re-adjusted to constantly maintain the highest net making productivity. This will also insure that your new machine is always running at its maximum level of output thus giving our customers the maximum value for their purchase. Furthermore, local assembly is a much more cost effective way to make the machine, and thus customers can expect up to a 25-30% savings in cost when using this option.

Technical Service Fee

  1. Expenses for technical services : Expenses such as round air fare & local transportation, board and lodging* shall be born by buyer.
  2. Service fees for an Indian technician from Amita’s service branch in India : Shall be borne by buyer
    * Accommodations shall be arranged in hotels qualified more than 3 stars.

Assembling work

Duration of local assembling: 180hr/set : Calculated by the following criteria;

  1. One delivery lot = minimum 2 sets
  2. Under supervision by an Amita’s Indian technician
  3. 5 local technical persons shall be fully engaged in this scheme
  4. Model case of assembling duration : 5 persons x 10hr/day x 15 days


2 sets of machines including spares, accessories in one 20ft. container.

Locally made items

  1. B-2 Winding Machine (electric parts to be sent from Amita)*
  2. Creel Stand (creel pins to be sent from Amita)*
  3. Machine Cover

* Technical drawings will be sent from Amita for local manufacturing.

Condition of Transaction

Minimum 2 sets of machines shall be purchased by a single order.

Advantage for Buyers

From a technical viewpoint :

  1. Buyer’s technical staff will obtain considerable knowledge about Maintenance and adjustment by assembling the machine by themselves.
  2. Acquiring a number of machines of a single type set the factory more free from maintenance and enhance the efficiency of maintenance.

From an administrative viewpoint :

  1. Compared to the assembled unit, local assembly enables a net factory to replace existing facilities at remarkably lower cost.
  2. Replacement with a new model assures more stable production and profitability.
  3. Collective production of the most demanded range of nets will be strong force to increase the factory’s market share, taking a leadership in the market.


We continuously pursue the ideal of best technology and service, and seek to provide new value while unlocking the unlimited potential of net machine for customers.



AMITA has been involved in the net making industry since 1817. Past Models are showed here.